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Demining Apron

Masada Armour EOD Demining Apron

MASADA ARMOUR'S Demining Apron is a lightweight and versatile PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) product designed to be comfortable while still providing uncompromising frontal protection against anti-personnel mines.
Our Deminers Apron has been designed to conform with UN International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).
The Apron provides frontal protection for the neck, torso, groin, and thighs.
The Apron is fastened to the body by a belt, to provide better flexibility and comfort while standing or kneeling.
There is an option to fold the lower part of the apron while not in use.
Our Demining Apron was developed and tested in the field, working with deminers operating in extreme conditions, and proved to cause minimum restriction to movement and vision.

Masada Armour's Demining Apron system capabilities



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