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EOD Bomb Suit  7800c

Masada Armour EOD Bomb Suit model 7800c

MASADA ARMOUR'S EOD-7800C is a full body Bomb Suit designed for Bomb, technician and EOD experts. The suit is designed to provide the highest protection while maintaining flexibility and good ventilation.
The ergonomic design allows the operator freedom
of movement and easy use of EOD tools and related equipment.
The suit is constructed from the latest available materials and manufacturing methods.
The armour protection can be tailored to meet any predetermined threat analysis. 
The armour panels comprise multiple layers of soft, water-repellent Aramid encapsulated in an impermeable water-resistant outer cover for additional protection.
Anti-trauma layering is included in the armour packs. Blast Plates have a double-layered backing of a resilient, closed cell, the linear foam which has high capabilities to reduce trauma.
The outer cover of the suit is made from high strength, fabric with superior UV stabilization.

SKU: 1008600302

Masada Armour's Bomb Suit 7800 System capabilities



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