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Demining Suit

Masada Armour EOD Demining Suit

MASADA ARMOUR'S Demining Suit is a lightweight and versatile PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) product designed to be comfortable while still providing uncompromising frontal protection against anti-personnel mines.
Our Deminers Suit has been designed to conform with UN International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).
The suit provides frontal protection for the neck, shoulders, torso, groin, and thighs. 

The Suit Is made of two parts upper and lower, to provide better flexibility and comfort while kneeling nearby a mine.
The Demining suit was developed and tested in the field
working with deminers operating In extreme conditions and proved to cause minimum restrictions to movement and vision and maximum air ventilation.
The ballistic Inserts of the suit can easily be removed, and the outer cover can be washed In a washing machine.



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