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Masada Armour's Spinning FAST Helmet

The word Maccabee has become synonymous with the small band of Jewish freedom fighters who freed

Judea from the Syrian-Greek occupiers during the Second Temple period (516 BCE – 70 CE). Some explain

that the word “Maccabee” is related to the Greek word meaning “strong” or “fighter.”, while others believe that

it comes from the Hebrew word for “hammer,” or "make".


Masada Armour is the only producer of helmets in Israel and has them used and validated by Israeli forces.

We can provide a wide range of helmets depending on the operational scenario and required

performance e.g. low, mid to high cut with the optimal combination of lightweight helmets with high



The padding and harness system allows the user to adjust the fit when required, ensuring 

stability, limiting pressure points, and enabling consistent airflow to ensure efficient cooling. The helmet serves

as a platform to enhance users’ operational awareness with open architecture side rails, bungees and

NVG shroud for mounting tactical accessories.

Products Families

Maoz is the Hebrew word for protection, literally referring to a stronghold, fort, or physical shelter.
It also means strong or powerful and is a popular boys’ name in Israel.


Over the years, we have been able to provide a wide range of textile solutions to military, law enforcement, and civilian users by customizing the design to the defined requirements.
All materials have been carefully selected to optimize durability, comfort, and performance

Our designers are ex-special forces at the IDF, 
with a lot of experience in the field, they are bringing their undivided attention to little details, to make the perfect product.

The Maoz Load Bearing System is the outcome of the collaborative efforts between Masada Armour and its customers and business partners, born from the belief that the best solutions are found in productive partnerships.

maoz copy.png
hoshen copy.png

Hoshen is the Hebrew word for the breastplate.
It was a sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Israelites.


Hoshen Body Armour provides optimal, lightweight protection, adaptable to respond to a variety of threats and operational requirements.

The NIJ Level III portfolio enhanced with solutions against particular threats allows the user to adapt the level of protection from standalone to in-conjunction with or to supplementary protection, accommodating the changes in conditions that one may face when on a mission.


We are using the highest quality raw materials in our products to achieve the lowest weight with the highest performance in the market.

Masada Armour has developed a portfolio of products to address different standards and requirements, which it can offer to suit every need and budget.


Homa is the Hebrew word for an exterior wall of a city or fortress. It reminds us of ancient times when walls surrounded our city-states, and within them, we were safe and protected.

The Homa Ballistic Shields Line integrates cutting-edge composite materials and advanced engineering to deliver multi-hit ballistic performance at a low weight, reducing fatigue and enhancing mobility.


We are making a variety of shields according to our customer's needs.




Masada Armour provides a wide range of solutions from handheld shields to mobile protection systems, with flat or single curvature, with or without viewports and weapon rests, with different finishing and edging to enhance performance.

LAVI Civil and Outdoor

LAVI copy.png


PISHTAN in Hebrew means linen, 
Pishtan is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. 
Pishtan is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments.

There are many references to linen throughout the Bible, 
reflecting the textile's entrenched presence in human cultures.





In Judaism, the only law concerning which fabrics may be
interwoven together in clothing concerns the mixture
of linen and wool, called shaatnez which is forbidden.


Our Raw Materials are made as the Pishtan used to be, very strong, durable, high quality, and the best fabrics in the market.


LAVI is the Hebrew word for "lion" and "courage".


LAVI's product line is designed for civilians who want tactical outfits and appearances.


The LAVI Civil and Outdoor Line combines cutting-edge composite materials with advanced engineering to provide the most comfortable experience possible for your everyday activities.


Masada Armour provides a wide range of products from backpacks to EDC solutions, with the best materials in the world.

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