The word Maccabee has become synonymous with the small band of Jewish freedom fighters who freed

Judea from the Syrian-Greek occupiers during the Second Temple period (516 BCE – 70 CE). Some explain

that the word “Maccabee” is related to the Greek word meaning “strong” or “fighter.”, while others believe that

it comes from the Hebrew word for “hammer,” makav.

Masada Armour is the only producer of helmets in Israel, and have them used and validated by Israeli forces.

We are able to provide a wide range of helmets depending on the operational scenario and required

performance e.g. low, mid to high cut with the optimal combination of light weight helmet with high


The padding and harness system allows the user to adjust the fit when required, ensuring the required

stability, limiting pressure points and allowing consistent airflow to ensure efficient cooling. The helmet serves

as a platform to enhance users’ operational awareness with an open architecture side rails, bungees and

NVG shroud for mounting tactical accessories.

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