Masada Armour provides the armed forces and law enforcement units with products developed and produced with an appreciation of the specific needs of these segments.
As a ballistic Centre of Excellence, Masada Armour not only develops and offers innovative armour technology and ballistic protection solutions to meet customers' rigorous requirements but also provides a range of services from polyethylene pressing and web-based customer service.

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Ballistics Solutions

Full range ballistic solutions for vehicles, aircraft, halos, boats, ships and etc.


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MASADA ARMOUR understands the importance of reliable and comfortable equipment as the cornerstone of an end user.

Our products are designed & manufactured for extensive long-lasting comfortable usage. From urban environment to extreme climate, from special operations to everyday usage - we will protect and serve your challenging needs.

MASADA ARMOUR is proud to offer state-of-the-art solutions:

  •  Protective equipment - certified NIJ IIIA 01.01.04 / 01.01.06.

  •  Protective plates - advanced composite material: Al2O3, PE, Al2O3, SIC

  •  Aramid / Kevlar solutions.

  •  Special fabrics - fire retardant fabrics, UV invisible fabrics, Dry fit fabrics, camouflage fabrics.

  •  Mil-spec. accessories - angels, zippers, scotch, rings, hooks, clamps.

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MASADA ARMOUR supports operational textile solutions for technological projects, products refurbishment and custom made demands that involves unique capabilities and creative approach.


Full range solutions for medical usage, valuable goods, sensitive electronics and more.


  • Special purposes carrying bags & packages

  • Secure pouches for multiple purposes

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MACCABEE is the Hebrew word for "strong" or "fighter." Masada Armour is the only producer of helmets in Israel and has them used and validated by Israeli forces.

We are able to provide a wide range of helmets depending on the operational scenario and required

performance e.g. low, mid to high cut with the optimal combination of a lightweight helmet with high


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Maoz is the Hebrew word for protection, literally referring to a stronghold, fort, or physical shelter. It also means strong or powerful and is a popular boys’ name in Israel. The Maoz Load Bearing System is the outcome of the collaborative efforts between Masada Armour and its customers and business partners, born from the belief that the best solutions are found in productive partnerships.

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Hoshen is the Hebrew word for the breastplate. It was a sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Israelites. Hoshen Body Armour provides optimal, lightweight protection, adaptable to respond to a variety of threats and operational requirements. 

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Homa is the Hebrew word for an exterior wall of a city or fortress. It reminds us of ancient times when walls surrounded our city-states, and within them, we were safe and protected. Masada Armour provides a wide range of solutions from handheld shields to mobile protection systems, with flat or single curvature, with or without viewports and weapon rests, with different finishing and edging to enhance performance.

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LAVI is the Hebrew word for "lion" and "courage".

LAVI's product line is designed for civilians who want tactical outfits and appearances.

Masada Armour provides a wide range of products from backpacks to EDC solutions, with the best materials in the world.

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PISHTAN in Hebrew means linen, 
Pishtan is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. 
Pishtan is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments. Our Raw Materials are made as the Pishtan used to be, very strong, durable, high quality, best fabrics in the market.



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